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The team voted and chose the name “SPARTANS”, so it is official. We are proud to announce the 2012 City of Orem 7-8th grade Spartans. We have 8 great young and enthusiastic players that are looking forward to running up and down the court.

#11 Aaron #14 Charley
#4 Brandon #3 Kelea
#12 Caleb H. #13 Nathan
#5 Caleb W. #10 Rafael


  • WEDNESDAY - 5-6 PM - 100 N. Main Street - LDS Stake Center
    • This is an open court training clinic put on by Coach Leavitt for young men and not limited to our team. If you can make it, great, but don’t stress if you can’t attend.
  • THURSDAY - 8-9 PM - Orem Junior High School NW Gym
    • Please show up 10 minutes early to stretch out and be ready to go at 8 PM. We only have one hour and every minute is important.

NEXT GAME: 1/21/2012 - 11 AM - CANYON VIEW JHS - WEST - Arrive at 10:30

PARENTS: Please bring your cameras and video cameras to the game and capture the great moments.

BYUBYU VERSES GONZAGA – We have tickets for the team to go see BYU play Gonzaga at the BYU Marriott Center on Thursday night February 2, 2012.This is a 9pm starting time, which I know is late, but Gonzaga is one of the best basketball programs in the country and it will be a real memory maker. GonzagaI realize that this means about an 11:15-11:30 arrival home on a school night, and I do NOT want to step on any family rules. If you decide that it is not a good thing for your player, then I completely understand. On February 2 we will be meeting first at our normal Orem Junior High School gym (wearing our team uniforms) and practice for 20 minutes and then drive directly to the Marriott Center for the game. My wife Shelly will drive one vehicle and I will drive the other. There are still tickets for sale at the BYU box office for the game and families might decide this will be a memorable event and also want to attend. Let me know if your player will or will not be attending so that I can redistribute tickets as needed, and if he will be needing a ride with us or if he will be riding with you.

COACH: Michael Leavitt - 801-636-6816 - Michael@TheHomeInspector.com

  • Caleb1/07 – 11 AM – Canyon View West - Not Victorious
  • 1/14 - 10 AM – Canyon View West - *PICTURE DAY
  • 1/21 – 11 AM – Canyon View West
  • 1/28 – 4 PM – Orem Junior High North
  • 2/04 – 10 AM – Canyon View West
  • 2/11 - Noon – Lakeridge West
  • 2/18 – 11 AM – Canyon View West
  • Followed by season ending double elimination tournament. At tournament games each player will need to show their photo school ID before each game to play – NO EXCEPTIONS!

*PICTURE DAY - Arrive to game at 9:20 so that we can get our team photos taken. Please bring your envelope filled out and ready so that we are not delayed. I hope that everybody can make it for the team photo.


PLAYER SPOTLIGHT FORM - We encourage each player to fill out a “Player Spotlight Form” so that we can learn more about you.

BASKETBALL HEADS - If you have a basketball over your face, then your parents still need to authorize our ability to post your image on the internet and talk about your highlights. Please complete the authorization form below the player photos.


EMAIL ADDRESSES: Please send us your email address below so that we can create an email list for team communications. If the player has an email, then include it as well as the parents.


Player’s First Name:
Player’s Last Name:
Player’s E-mail:
Parent’s First Name:
Parent’s Last Name:

Parent’s E-mail:

Phone: If different from above.
My Dad, Coach Leavitt, takes lots of practice and game photos and he needs permission from the parents to display them here on my website. If you would like to see action photos like my basketball cards above, then give him permission. If you decline, that’s okay, he will then basketball head your player’s face in action group photos.
PHOTO RELEASE: I give permission for my player son's photos from practices and games to be displayed on the www.AaronLeavitt.com website.

NOTE TO PARENTS: We ask that you also encourage family and friends to come and watch the games, but you MUST demonstrate good sportsmanship. Here are my simple rules as coach:

1) THE REFEREE’S CALLS ARE OFFICIAL - Players who complain vocally immediately are pulled from the game. Parents who vocally complain will be immediately asked to leave. If players or parents have concerns, then bring them to me and I will decide what should be done.

WHY? First, it’s called good sportsmanship. And besides, once a referee is mentally turned against a team, then the game deteriorates quickly and it becomes a bad experience for the young men. This game is for the young men. It is not for me as coach. And it is certainly not for the parents.

Caleb W.2) EACH PLAYER WILL PLAY AT LEAST 1/2 THE GAME - Orem Rec Center requires that each player gets to participate in at least 10 minutes of the 40 minute game. I plan out the game substitution patterns so that each boy is in at least 20 minutes. We want to be competitive, but improvement only comes by way of practice and time on the court during games. PARENTS - Please don’t give me a hard time because your superstar is taking a rest on the sidelines.

3) NOTIFY COACH LEAVITT IF YOU CANNOT MAKE A GAME - I work hard to arrange the game substitution patterns so that we always have a strong team on the court. When a player doesn’t show up, it changes the game plan dramatically and adds stress when your son no-shows.

4) ARRIVE 30 MINUTES BEFORE GAMES - WHY? It is important to loosen up and get prepared for games and practices. There is nothing worse for a young man to show up at game time and then spend 15 minutes trying to get into basketball mode. Game memories are important and the young men deserve to be able to show up relaxed, play relaxed, and go home knowing that they gave it their best effort.

5) ARRIVE 10 MINUTES BEFORE PRACTICE - We only get an hour of court time at Orem Junior High School, so arrive early to stretch and loosen up so that you can be ready to start practicing hard right at 8 PM on Thursday nights.

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